Become a foster home

Do you have space in your house for 2 or more rats? If so, think about becoming a rat rescue foster home! As a foster home, your name would go on a list of people that we could contact when rats get surrendered to the rescue. There is no obligation to take in more rats at any time, and fostering is done on a fixed time period you agree on.

Short term foster homes – Sometimes rats are surrendered in areas where there is no permanent foster setup. In these cases we need people who are able to pick up rats locally, care for them for up to one month, then deliver them to the pet courier to transport the rats to a more permanent foster home.

Mid-term foster homes – When the rescue has a large number of rats surrendered at the same time we often require over-flow foster care for one or two months until we are able to adopt out some of the intake. At the end of the agreed time the rats would return to the local foster centre to await their new homes.

Long-term foster homes – These are homes where you are happy to care for two or more rats until they find homes, or in the case of special needs rats for the remainder of their lives. Sanctuary rats are often those that are deemed unlovable by most, though with time and patience are most rewarding family members. The rescue makes an effort to meet any surgical expenses for sanctuary rats.