Eclair & Gwen *adopted*

Eclair & Gwen - 16005-16006
Name: Eclair & Gwen
Gender: Female
Desexed: No
Age: Adult
Colour/markings: Champagne berk
Current Location: North Auckland

My Story

These two girls were born into the rescue on the 5th September, 2014. Their mum and aunty were dropped off at our doorstep, with their mum giving birth just a week later! They were part of a very large litter, all champagne, and whilemost of their siblings found homes they are still yet to.


They’re curious girls, but starting to get on a little bit. They share a cage with other girls, but find introductions challenging so would ideally love a home where there aren’t already a lot of rats and they can live out the rest of their golden age with you.
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How To Adopt Me