Why adopt from the NZRR

When getting a pet, please consider rescuing an animal in need and giving them a home for life. You’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of unconditional love from your new companion.

Rescue a rat in need

Every year, hundreds of rats of ages, colours and markings come into the rescue nationwide. All of them have an individual story to tell and all of them deserve a second chance at life.

Many are simply surrendered pets or from unwanted litters where rats have been sold pregnant or missexed. Others have been abandoned or have suffered from cruelty or neglect. Some are here because their owners simply could no longer care for them. You can rescue an rat in need by giving them a loving home for life.

Find the right rat for you

Our expert volunteers will match you to the right pet. We want every rat to find the right home, so we will talk with you to understand your lifestyle and needs. Once we know what you are looking for in a pet, we will help you to select the right pet for you. If you have got the time and the love, we’ve got a pet to suit your family.

Expert advise and assistance

Our expert volunteers will provide you with advice on caring for your new pet and settling them into your home. After adoption, we will be happy to help with advice or answer any concerns you may have about settling your new family member into your home. You also have a assurance that your rat has been correctly sexed, and you won’t be surprised by any litters a few weeks down the track!

Everything you need for your new pet

The NZRR has an online fundraising shop that sells everything your rat needs. From essentials such as food and water bottles, to toys, treats and bedding. Buy direct from the NZRR to get a great price and expert advice. Plus all proceeds help to support other rats in need.

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