The Team

The rescue comprises of a board which oversees the operation of the rescue, and individual foster homes and volunteers which carry out the day-to-day care.

Our Board

  • Trudi – Nelson board member and Shop Coordinator.
    Trudi has a heart for rats, and heads up the rescue’s fundraising and publicity committee. Almost all emails coming through to the rescue go through her, and she is a superhuman in getting through all the workload! When she’s not doing work for the NZRR she works at her local SPCA.
  • Lee – Wellinton board member and Sanctuary Home.
    Lee runs the Wellington Sanctuary home. She has much experience with Special Needs and the more challenging rats. She has a soft spot for the oldies
  • Kelly – Christchurch board member and Foster Centre.
    The majority of Christchurch rats go through Kelly before finding their way to new homes around the country. Christchurch is currently our biggest foster centre, and with dozens of rats coming and going on a regular basis.
  • Lynette Board Member.
    Lynette has owned many rats, and even raised the odd rescue litter! Her experience and drive are a real asset for the rescue.

A number of volunteers also make up the rescue, assisting with transport, cleaning and socialisation of the rats in our care.