Our Mission

The New Zealand Rat Rescue (NZRR) is a non-profit organisation devoted and dedicated to the rescue and care of domestic rats nationwide with the priority of finding loving forever homes. We strive to help educate people to the proper care of rats and improve the profile of rats as pets around the country.

About Us

Set up by rat lovers around the country, the New Zealand Rat Rescue is a registered charitable trust (CC39450) dedicated to improving the lives of pet rats all around New Zealand.

The rescue is made up of a number of individuals and foster homes that operate under the same standards. The individuals that make up the New Zealand Rat Rescue care deeply about these intelligent, playful and wonderful creatures and strive to offer the best care that they can. With their help, and generous private donations, the New Zealand Rat Rescue is able to coordinate rescue efforts, funding and foster homes in order to make it easier to find loving and permanent homes for as many of these delightful pets as possible.

The New Zealand Rat Rescue takes in domestic rats from many situations, including those in homes that can no longer care for them, or have been abused or abandoned. The rats are provided any necessary veterinarian care, and after careful assessment are socialised with both people and other rats before being considered for adoption and the type of home and owner they would suit.

For more information, please email office@nzrr.org